Translation status

Translating FarmDemo Hub

Willing to enjoy FarmDemo Hub in your own language? Would you like to update or improve an existing translation? Get to know that as a registered user you can contribute!

So, how to do so and add your name here below, within the contributors?

If not a register user, please register at https://farmdemo.eu. After this you should get an email with the link to activate your account (check spam folder if needed). Once your account is ready, you have two ways of translating:

  • Downloading the file and using Poedit to translate. If a beginner, check out the support documentation here.
  • Second option is to translate online, how? Please send us a message to the support email and we will grant you access to the translations. Meanwhile you can check the strings online in the Collaborative Translation Tool that we have for this here. Thank you for your help with the translations!

Available translations files for FarmDemo Hub:

LanguageTranslated stringsFuzzy stringsUntranslated stringsGraphDownloadPerson in charge
Spanish119301005 (54%)(45%)es.poMiguel Cordero Souto
German117801020 (53%)(46%)de.poAdelheid Spiegel
Dutch115801040 (52%)(47%)nl.poLies Debruyne
French14650733 (66%)(33%)fr.poRomy SCHLINGER
Bulgarian140800 (100%)(0%)bg.po
Czech140800 (100%)(0%)cs.po
Danish140800 (100%)(0%)da.po
Greek140800 (100%)(0%)el.po
Finnish140800 (100%)(0%)fi.po
Irish242400 (100%)(0%)ga.po
Hungarian140800 (100%)(0%)hu.po
Italian140800 (100%)(0%)it.po
Lithuanian140800 (100%)(0%)lt.po
Polish140800 (100%)(0%)pl.po
Portuguese140800 (100%)(0%)pt.po
Romanian140800 (100%)(0%)ro.po
Slovak140800 (100%)(0%)sk.po
Serbian242400 (100%)(0%)sr.po
Swedish140800 (100%)(0%)sv.po

You can download the original file here: FarmDemo1.8.po